Merging Clients

Learn how to merge clients in Smart RIA

Role:  CCO, Compliance Support, Support, Compliance

Merge Clients

Before you merge two clients, it’s important to know what happens during the process.  This article will cover 

  1. How to Merge
  2. What will and won’t merge

How to Merge

Step 1: Go to the Clients Tab


Step 2: Click on the Client Name you want to be the Primary Client (This will be the Client who will have the duplicate merged into)



Step 3: From the Client Summary page, click the Merge Client icon. This icon will only be available for Clients with a Primary Role in their Household


Step 4: In the modal that appears, select the Client (Secondary Client) to merge into the Primary Client

Step 5: Once you have selected the Secondary Client, click Submit




You will be taken back to the Primary Client’s Summary when the merge has completed.

What will and won’t Merge

In this process, the following information from the Secondary Client (the Client selected from the drop-down) will be merged into Primary Client (the initial Client you viewed). The Primary Client will be the primary source of information, please make sure you have selected the correct Primary Client.

What will merge:


Document Alerts

  • Any active Document Alerts will show up for the Primary Client
  • These may appear duplicated if the same file was uploaded to both the Primary Client and Secondary Client


  • Any household members will automatically be put in a household with the Primary Client


Shares with other Advisors

  • Any Advisors who have access to the Secondary Client will automatically have access to the Primary Client.
  • Any Advisors who have access to the Primary Client will automatically have access to the new household members (if applicable)

Uploaded Files and Folders

  • Files will appear duplicated if both Primary Client and Secondary Client have the same file uploaded
  • Folders will be merged if they exist, otherwise, they will be created.

What won’t merge:

  • Client Information (address, phone number, email, etc)
  • Spouse Information
  • Miscellaneous Information
  • Anything not listed above