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How To Email Employees About Tasks

Instructions for sending a customized email to employees. While the software generates a weekly email reminder to all users, this allows the CCO to send a email based on a specific task deficiency en mass to all employees.

Step 1: Choose Reports  from the header 

Step 2: Choose the Task name from the Task Status drop down and choose a date range

Step 3: Check the box to the left of Task Name to select all employees that have not completed the task, or you can select individuals based on the check box tot he left of the name

Step 4: Select Send Reminder Email

Step 5: The pop out will appear for your custom message

Step 6: Complete the process by clicking on the Send Email icon

 Note: It will take a few moments for the message to send, the time will vary based on the number of reciepentants. Once the emails process through the send queue a green pop-up box will briefly appear in the upper left to notify you that the emails have been processed, you can then navigate away from the page.