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Edit and Publish a Task as the CCO

Easily edit a task and publish it.

To edit a task open your Master Calendar and search for the task to edit. 


Commenting on a Task

Expand the task name.  You can see who the task is assigned to, when it’s due and the actions you can perform to manage the task.


Users assigned to the task can ask questions on how to complete a task, mark the task completed or delete the task. 

Click Comment.

Enter a comment and then click the Update button.


The counter for the comment increases by 1. 


Click comment.

From here you can add another comment and you can see the comment entered in the previous step at the bottom.


If you add another comment the comment counter will increment by 1 and the new comment details will display for the task.


Click Comment.


Edit Task Users

Easily change who the task is assigned to by clicking on the pencil icon in the “Assigned To” column.


From here you are only able to edit which user the task is assigned to.  The Name and Description field are read only.  In this case I have added the advisor role to the task.

Click the Update button to save the changes.



Note:  Users added to saved tasks cannot be removed.


Expand the edited task.  You will see any user having the advisor role + Kim CCO


Editing a Published Task

Once a task has been published the only actions you will be allowed to perform are duplicate and archive.  To edit this task you will need to duplicate the task, edit it and archive the original task. 


Click the Duplicate icon.

The task details display.  Edit the task.

All fields are editable. You can assign a new form and/or a different reference link to a task from here, determine who the task is assigned to and how often to assign the task. 


Click the Update button to save your changes.

The Master Calendar will display the original task with archive and delete as the only actions you can take.  The new duplicated task will have a new set of actions where you can duplicate, edit, delete and remove the task from draft status.


Click the archive icon to the right of the original task.


This will remove the original task from the Master Calendar.

Make sure the new task has all desired updates by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the task. 


Note:  If you remove task from draft status now you will have to duplicate the task to make changes.  Make sure your task is complete before you take it from draft status.

Publish the Task

Click the Remove from Draft Status icon to publish the task.


Note:  Removing a task from draft status will make the task active.

Once you remove the task from draft status the actions you can perform on the task changes.  You are now only able to duplicate or archive the task. 

Expand the task by clicking the down arrow to the left of the task.  You will see who the task is assigned, the due date and you are able to take the following actions:  Comment, Mark as Completed and Delete to manage the task



This task can also be managed from the dashboard under the Compliance Calendar tile for each of the users/roles assigned.