Client Households

Learn how to add clients to households in SmartRIA

Role:CCO, Compliance Support, Support, Compliance

To Build a Household you will need to go into your client list.  Select Client from the navigation toolbar and search for the client you want to household.


Click on the name of the client.


In this example I am Choosing Peter Johnson as the Primary.  I click on the Household Icon on the top right of his client page.


That will bring you to the Household Clients page as well as seeing what his Role is, if it is anything other then Primary, please set it to Primary for the Client Household Primary.


The next step will be to choose other Clients to add to the Household, click on the Add other clients button to add them to the Household.


The Client Household page expands so you can select from a list of clients to add.  Click the "+" icon to the left of the client you want to add to the household.  


The client will then be added to the Household's Current Member list.

Now you will need to select the Role of the Client you are adding to the Household. You must hit Set Roles before exiting this screen for it to take or the Household action will not complete. 


Once the Household is created the House Icon will still show in  the top right or you will be able to use the Manage link under the Edit heading in the All Household Members section.


After you click on Manage or House icon, it will bring you back to the Household page, everything from there will be the same workflow. Right now, the only thing you need to make sure of is that you are always choosing the Manage button of the Primary in the Household. Whoever you select as the primary is the client you will see in the Clients list, but you will also keep access to the other clients. This will ensure your state alerts are by household, not by client.  

To remove a client from a household just select Manage from the list of household members.  You can then select Remove from the drop-down list and click the Set Roles.  


The client is removed from the list of the households current members.